I have a Web Server running on a devices under uhttpd. I have N devices ( N could be 25 ) that send request to the main devices. Everything works correctly when the main devices is running, but during a reboot and starting up it is slower.

I noticed that the during the boot of the main devices the "netstat -ant | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l " gives my high number ( 40, 50 ..) and then after a few minutes this number drops to 4-7.

So I think that this could be the problem..? My max_request on /etc/config/uhttpd is 20 I read Here that the requests are queued until the number drops below the limit.

How can I drop, reject or empty the queue until the system is ready to handles them?

Hope the question is clear enough


  • Anyone? No idea? – DDBE Sep 11 at 6:58

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