I don't use snap and never install snap packages.

On a new Ubuntu Server 18.04, snap list shows:

No snaps are installed yet.

Is it safe to remove it?

I'm not sure what weird dependencies are going on in the background - so I don't want to accidentally break the system now or in the future. (I want to be sure, because on ubuntu desktop, even though I don't use snap, the OS itself does.)

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    Over on AU: askubuntu.com/questions/878431/… – muru Sep 10 at 8:09
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    @muru Thanks for the pointer! Having so many overlapping StackExchange sites is frustrating. – lonix Sep 10 at 8:13
  • I'm leaving this question here instead of deleting it so future readers will have a pointer to the right place instead of opening a new question like I did. – lonix Sep 10 at 8:16

There is a similar post on Ask Ubuntu:

snapd is seeded in the default install so as to enable snaps to be installed without further work. However, no part of the base install is a snap (you can verify via snap list, it should return no snaps). Because of this, snapd can be safely removed with no ill side effects:

sudo apt purge snapd

It will probably leave some dependencies lying around. If you want to remove them as well:

sudo apt autoremove

The answer is it should be safe to remove it, if you don't intend to use snap.

I don't, and removed it, and nothing bad happened.

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