I'm new to working with Manjaro and Linux in general. Over time with my experiments, I've created a lot of partitions. Now I ended up in the simple scenario in which I have 2 partitions which I want to merge into one without losing data.

I have:

  • unallocated - some unallocated partition
  • /dev/sdb2 - where I'm running from, using Manjaro

The result I want is one partition, a larger /dev/sdb2.

I am using KDE Partition Manager and I don't see any way to achieve my expectations. I often hear about needing to access the device outside the partitions which will be touched, and risk of losing data which I obviously don't want. I have seen many posts asking for help on managing partitions but I've never seen such a simple example addressed.

What are the steps/precautions necessary to achieve my goal safely? partitions detail

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