How can I find a string in a file, then find the first instance of a line that contains 'srv' that precedes it.

I have been looking at Tac and sed, but have been unsuccessful at getting it to work right.

Output file to search looks like

srv-test-1 | SUCCESS | rc=0 >>
srv-test-2 | SUCCESS | rc=0 >>

The code prompts the user for the string they are looking for and stores it to a variable.

I am able to find the users request using

tac file | grep $requested

if the user requests b1, I would like it to return

b1 found on srv-test-2

and likewise if requesting a1 it would return

a1 found on srv-test-1
a1 found on srv-test-2
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    awk -v str=a1 '$0~str{print str" found on "srv}/^srv/{srv=$1}' file
    – mosvy
    Sep 9, 2019 at 18:51

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If you're looking to do the search for multiple items, you could convert the whole file into a grep'able list of entries.

awk '/^srv/ { c = $1 ; next } { print $0 " found on " c }'

on the input file would give you

a1 found on srv-test-1
A3 found on srv-test-1
a1 found on srv-test-2
b1 found on srv-test-2
b2 found on srv-test-2
B3 found on srv-test-2
B4 found on srv-test-2

Then to search for a single item, you could filter the previous output

awk '/^srv/ { c = $1 ; next } { print $0 " found on " c }' | grep '^a1'

to give

a1 found on srv-test-1
a1 found on srv-test-2
$ requested='a1'; awk '$2=="|" { s=$1 }; $1==r { print r" found on "s }' r="$requested" file
a1 found on srv-test-1
a1 found on srv-test-2

The first part $2=="|" { s=$1 } assigns the content of the first field (srv-test-XX) to variable s if the second field is |.

The second part $1==r { print r" found on "s } compares the first field to variable r which holds the requested value. If it matches, we print the result.


You can do it using sed editor as shown:

str='a1';          #string to search
str_esc_lhs=$(printf '%s\n' "$str" | sed -e 's:[][\/.^$*]:\\&:g');# escaped var fit for use on the lhs 
S='[^[:blank:]]'; #regex for a nonwhitespace char

$ sed -e "
   s/\\(srv-$S*\\).*\\n\\(.*\\)/\\2 FOUND ON \\1/
" input_file.txt

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