Many users on the client each have personal CIFS password-protected mounts to the server in their respective home folder. E.g.,

/home/user1/server/share1 (mounted with credentials for user1)
/home/user1/server/share2 (mounted with credentials for user1)
/home/user2/server/share1 (mounted with credentials for user2)
/home/user2/server/share2 (mounted with credentials for user2)

It would be much nicer if every user could access their respective mounts on /mnt/server/share1, /mnt/server/share2.

Can this be accomplished? (I was thinking personalized symbolic links might be a solution, if something link this exists on Unix.)

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AutoFS can be solution see more under this tutorial https://www.howtoforge.com/accessing_windows_or_samba_shares_using_autofs

Or add sudoers mount for cifs and leave users to mount their own stuf on their own with shader creds. https://askubuntu.com/questions/67405/auto-mounting-network-shares-per-user

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