I am currently trying to learn the mom macro package from groff. The problem is that whenever I compile the file to pdf:

groff -mom -Tpdf file.mom > file.pdf

The output, in Zathura, is an empty pdf.
Here is the sample input file:

.TITLE    "Stretched to the Breaking Point"

The same happens while using -Tps instead of the -Tpdf flag

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A document typeset with the mom macros needs to have a bit more setup than just defining the title. In particular, it needs .START. Defining the title of the document won't make it appear in the document.

This is a fairly minimal mom document:

.TITLE "Stretched to the Breaking Point"
.PAPER          A4

See e.g. the sample_docs.mom document distributed with groff.

  • Alright, I added all these, and fixed my compiler, now it's all working!
    – Soulthym
    Commented Sep 9, 2019 at 10:23

Problem fixed, the custom processing I made did not process the command the same way it was displayed:
What was actually processed was: groff -mom -Tpdf > file.pdf, without the name of the input file.

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