i recently installed Debian 10 Buster with KDE Plasma Desktop to my laptop. When i logon, system starts up the apps while they were open before shutdown.

I edited the file /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume as RESUME=none and ran sudo update-initramfs, but Debian still resuming from disk when i restarted my computer.

Also i have no kernel parameter like resume=UUIDblabla in /etc/default/grub file.


It seems like this is a feature of KDE. It'll restart applications that were previously open in the last session.

Go to:
System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Session Management
and select something other than "Restore previous session".

You'll probably want to re-enable hibernation.

  • Thanks! When i reboot i see only KDE apps keep resume. I thought it maybe a KDE feature after i asked the question :) – frogwine Sep 9 at 18:55

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