I am in the process of standing up a new server running CentOS 7 and am running into a number of questions on the proper configuration of the "biosboot" partition(s).

My system is an older Dell machine that only supports "bios", no UEFI support available.

I have 4x 4TB disks, my intention is to setup the following:

/boot - RAID 1 (2GB)
/ - RAID 1 (100GB)
/vz - RAID 10 (Remaining Disk Space)

In addition to the mdadm software RAID arrays I was also planning to setup four (4) biosboot partitions, one per physical disk, however when attempting to create more than one biosboot partition the iso installer either doesn't create it in the UI or freaks out when I save the custom partition layout.

The installer not handling the biosboot partitions like I desired has lead to be wonder if I misunderstand how the biosboot partition works.

My understanding is it holds the grub2 information to allow the machine to begin the OS boot.

In the event the disk with the biosboot fails I would be stuck with a machine that no longer boots even though all the remaining partitions (and data) would be secure due to the software RAID until I fixed the failed drive.

Would it not make sense to create a biosboot partition per disk and install grub (grub2-install) on each disk?

I am guessing I am missing something or not understanding something.

Thank you all in advance.

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