I have a text file. Some lines contain text while others do not (just empty line without any spaces or characters:


// comment

As you can see, there is a line above //comment. If I want to count the times such line exist in my file, how can I grep them?


You can grep empty lines with grep '^$' file and count the lines with wc -l. Combined it's:

grep '^$' file | wc -l

or even shorter with grep's count option -c or --count

grep -c '^$' file
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    See also grep -c – Stephen Harris Sep 8 at 22:33
  • Thanks @StephenHarris ! I totally forgot this option. – Freddy Sep 8 at 22:37
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    grep -cv . file where we reverse the match. – Rakesh Sharma Sep 9 at 4:10

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