I am running the stable release of regolith-desktop 2.30-1ubuntu1~ppa1 and according to the documentation i3xrocks is customized directly in i3config. Since i3xrocks’ config (which is the same as for i3blocks) uses an INI file format and i3config does not—how am I supposed to do this? Customizing the config in /etc/regolith/i3xrocks/config is working though but obvoiusly this is not the way intendet by the author.

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You are not supposed to edit the config inside i3config but to configure the path to i3xrocks config file

set $i3xrocks_config ~/.config/regolith/i3xrocks.config

you may first copy the original to the path of your choice, for instance

cp /etc/regolith/i3xrocks/config ~/.config/regolith/i3xrocks.config

When using the customized file for the first time you have to restart i3. After that a config reload via <super>-c should be sufficient to apply any modifications. You also can reload i3 via <meta>-r.

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