We are running virtual machines in kvm and i am trying to collect metrics and send it to influxdb + grafana for graphing.

I can see CPU stats using virsh but its in time in second spend, how do i convert this value in proper usage in % or human readable metrics?

[root@kvm01 ~]# virsh cpu-stats --total instance-0000047a
    cpu_time     160808730.755660547 seconds
    user_time       148000.880000000 seconds
    system_time   85012531.050000000 seconds

Calculating a CPU percentage is dependent on the time window you are looking at. So if you call virsh cpu-stats once, then call it again 10 seconds later, you would do need to do something like:

(cpu_time2 - cpu_time1) / (10 * vcpus)

That will tell you what percentage of the total time window the VM CPUs were running in.

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