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I have this:

  (cd "$project_root/$root_dir" && find . -type f)

for f in find_files; do

but my IDE warns:

enter image description here

I think putting backticks around the bash function would work:

enter image description here

but I am not really sure why the back-ticks work?

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  • They might get rid of the IDE warning, but that code will break with any filename containing IFS or wildcards. – Jeff Schaller Sep 5 at 23:35

You want to run your function then act on its output, that's command substitution, so it's either this:

for f in `find_files`   

or this:

for f in $(find_files)  

These 2 syntax are equivalent, but the first one is old-style, the latter one is new . Check bash documentation on command substitution.

Further more it's probably not a good idea to loop through the output of your find command, you may want to check out Bash Pitfalls.

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