I have some legacy software capable of running on Solaris. It booted in a PC from SCSI disks (BIOS MBR+Legacy GRUB). The operating system is in a partition of type BF00 (Solaris root). Time ago, I managed to "virtualize" this system in a VirtualBox VM. This solution works but now for certain reasons I need to port everything on a Windows 2019 failsafe Cluster with Hyper-V.

If I create a type-1 Hyper-V VM, the system boots from IDE but does not work because the legacy software requires to run on SCSI. Unfortunately Hyper-V type 1 does not support booting from virtual SCSI.

It is possible to create a Type 2 Hyper-V VM and boot UEFI SCSI disks at boot time, I therefore imagined to create a boot disk with GRUB2 (Ubuntu) and chainload the MBR Solaris system on SCSI. Unfortunately in this case I could not find a way to see the BF00-type partition, no matter what insmod (I found it should be ufs1/2 or zfs or part_sunpc, tried all). At grub2 command level I see the SCSI disks (with ls) but the BF00 (Solaris root) partition cannot be read (unknown filesystem), I can't load any kernel nor chainload+. If I start the VM with UBUNTU, the Solaris SCSI disks are readable and mountable, mount shows ufs file system type.

Can anyone please suggest any method? Ideas highly welcome. I also tried Super Grub2 CD without success, it boots but cannot see any file in the SCSI Solaris partition.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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