I've installed Debian 10 with Xfce DE. Thunar app is the default file manager.

On Edit > Preferences > Advance Thunar shows a warning message. This message is about gvfs dependencies to activate some Thunar improvements. So I install two packages: gvfs-backends and gvfs-fuse, and warning message dissapears.

But, when I run Thunar with sudo, the same warning message appears. I am really bewildered, because I have installed gvfs-backends and gvfs-fuse for all system. I assume that when I install any package via sudo apt install ... the changes apply for all users, even root user. So, What happened here? Why root Thunar still shows warning message?

  • Please provide the exact warning message you receive. – Peschke Sep 1 at 7:42
  • I fixed many grammar errors in your post. Please don't use abbreviation, as it makes the information density very high, and hard to fix errors. – ctrl-alt-delor Sep 1 at 9:02

Now I use Debian 10 (XFCE). I find XFCE very solid, and I can use trash can and removable media without problems, so I don't worry about that 'warning' message.

I share with you a image of the 'warning' message but in spanish, maybe can be help you and somebody can explain why root user keeps show it.

enter image description here

PS. Quick translation: 'It seems that gvfs is not available, important functionalities including support for the bin, removable devices and location navigation will not work.'

  • This does not quite answer the question of why the warning occurs when the user is root but not otherwise. – Kusalananda Sep 1 at 18:58

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