I have installed processing-3.5.3 IDE but really want to use the Sublime text editor as my goto for processing sketches. What I have done so far:

  1. Install the "Processing" package in sublime.
  2. Installed processing-java in /home/testuser/Downloads/Compressed/processing-3.5.3-linux64/processing-3.5.3

I believe there must be an issue with my PATH to processing-java but no matter what I do I am unable to get to work. I also use the "processing-java --help" but it always returns "processing-java: command not found" in the terminal. OS: Pop!OS Thanks Kluivert

  • Do you get the same error when running processing-java in your Terminal? – idleberg Aug 31 '19 at 9:00

It looks like you're right, you need to add process-java to your PATH environmental variable. See this detailed guide on how to achieve this, but it should be something like this (though I'd recommend moving the binary elsewhere):

export PATH="$PATH:/home/testuser/Downloads/Compressed/processing-3.5.3-linux64/processing-3.5.3"

Also take note that you can use Processing with pure Java.

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