I'm building an OpenWRT image (Chaos Calmer) that needs BusyBox to be configured to use init. So, in the busybox configuration, I enter the Init Utilities menu, then enable init, as well as support for reading an inittab file.

When my image finishes building, it contains the following /etc/inittab file:

::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K shutdown
::askconsole:/bin/ash --login

This looks fine to me, except that /etc/init.d/rcS does not exist. If I load this image onto the router, it obviously fails to boot with the following messages:

init started: BusyBox v1.23.2 (2019-08-29 09:26:36 CDT)
Bad inittab entry at line 3
can't run '/etc/init.d/rcS': No such file or directory

How should this be resolved? Am I supposed to add my own /etc/init.d/rcS? If so, how should that be done (i.e., as its own OpenWRT package)? Is there a standard/default rcS script I can use as a template? Is there a configuration option to include this file that I may have missed? And why does it think the inittab entry on line 3 is wrong?


It is said , openWrt is using procd for init work. So there is no /etc/init.d/rcS anymore.


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