On MacOS 10.11.6, /usr/bin/tar is "bsdtar 2.8.3 - libarchive 2.8.3". The -P option allows me to extract a tar file through a symlink. That is, if foo1 is a symlink to foo2, and the tar file stores foo1 as a regular directory, I can extract the tar file, and whatever was in foo1 in the tar file will end up in foo2. This is what I want.

However, if there are hard linked files under foo1 they won't extract into foo2. This is strange, since without -P, tar correctly preserves hardlink relationships between file names.

The man page says this about -P:

 -P      Preserve pathnames.  By default ... tar will refuse to extract archive entries
whose pathnames contain .. or whose target directory would be altered by a symlink.  
This option suppresses these behaviors.

Here is a minimal example illustrating the problem:

# Make example directory and files:

~$ mkdir foo1
~$ touch foo1/bar
~$ ln foo1/bar foo1/baz
~$ ls -l foo1
total 0
-rw-------  2 marshall  staff  0 Aug 29 09:19 bar
-rw-------  2 marshall  staff  0 Aug 29 09:19 baz

# Now we have two hardlinked files under foo1.  Let's tar it up:

~$ tar cvf foosball.tar foo1
a foo1
a foo1/bar
a foo1/baz

# Now turn foo1 into a symlink to foo2:

~$ /bin/rm -Rf foo1
~$ mkdir foo2
~$ ln -s foo2 foo1

# Let's try untarring:

~$ tar xPvf foosball.tar
x foo1/
x foo1/bar
x foo1/baz: Cannot extract through symlink foo1/barCan't create 'foo1/baz'
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
~$ ls -l foo?
lrwx------  1 marshall  staff  4 Aug 29 09:19 foo1 -> foo2

total 0
-rw-------  1 marshall  staff  0 Aug 29 09:19 bar

# bar was created, but the other filename hardlinked to it was not.

Is there a set of commandline options that will allow me to extract hardlinked files through a symlinked directory? Is this just a bug or limitation of BSD tar?


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