RPMs have been built using FPM. When the --rpm-user and --rpm-group parameters are used the %defattr(-,user,group,-) attribute is part of the %files, but not part of the %directory section.

How to define the user and group for directories inside and RPM using FPM?


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A --directories parameter was added to FPM, which may solve this problem.

From https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm/pull/260:

I've added a --directories argument to FPM which causes the values to be added as %dir entries under the file list, so they take the --rpm-user and --rpm-group as owners and get removed when the RPM gets removed. As you can see, it works just like --config-files.

There is also a separate --directory flag, which lets you mark a directory as being owned by a package.

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