I downloaded a debian-live. Unfortunately when I boot from the installation media I don't find any option to try it. All I see is options to install and graphical install. My ubuntu just works fine with settings UEFI and secure boot on.

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    You either just don't see it, or you're using something else. Live install is of course available in Debian debian.org/CD/live – pavelsaman Aug 27 '19 at 11:50
  • Have you tried boot it with Legacy Boot option instead of UEFI? – Vasconcelos1914 Aug 27 '19 at 15:27
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Problem solved..! actually its the startup disk creator which is failing to select desired source disc image, it kept on selecting the previous one debian net install image which I've tried earlier and that's not changing when I'm trying to change different disc image, so I've created bootable USB with Disks app. Its working now gng to try and install Debian🤘🏻

  • To clarify your answer - you are using the Startup Disk Creator provided by Ubuntu, right? If I remember correctly, this app has to recognize the disk image in some way. For example, I think it also refuses to accept Fedora Linux disk images. – sourcejedi Aug 28 '19 at 12:03
  • yeah, the same thing happened with me. – Vamshi Krishna Aug 29 '19 at 13:07

I found the page hard to navigate: if I click what seems like the correct thing it takes me to a page of torrent files for the non-live installer.

Check the file-name.

The correct ones are in https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current-live/amd64/bt-hybrid/ (You may need to change the architecture: You did not say)

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