I have a file with data like this:


Each piece of data is separated by a new line.

I need that data to be converted to an array of strings and stored in a variable.

How do I achieve this with just bash or shell execution?

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    Can there be multiple strings per line (separated by space or even tab or comma)? If yes, should they be stored as one or as multiple values? – Freddy Aug 27 at 1:53
  • only one string per line, theyre each stored as a single value. each string is only seperated by a new line – David Aug 27 at 1:54

With mapfile:

$ mapfile -t array < yourfile

$ declare -p array # print array content
  declare -a array=([0]="UserName" [1]="UserName" [2]="UserName")
$ set -f             # disable globbing
$ arr=($(<file.csv))
$ set +f             # enable globbing
$ declare -p arr     # print array content
declare -a arr=([0]="UserName" [1]="UserName" [2]="UserName")
  • arr=(…) create array
  • $(<file.csv) read file file.csv (like $(cat file.csv))

Before the file is read, globbing should be disabled to prevent the expansion of user names with characters like * or ? or special patterns (pathname expansion).

The elements are split at newline, space or tab characters (assuming $IFS has not been modified) and trimmed.

while IFS= read -r line
done < filename

Here var array variable stores all names. And can be accessed by

printf '%s\n' "${var[0]}"
printf '%s\n' "${var[1]}"

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