I want to run this script inside my Jenkins job. My goal is to save the cat output into a variable so that I can use it somewhere else.

ssh myserver.com  <<EOF
echo "Start."
CYCLE=$(cat /path/myfile.txt)
echo $CYCLE
echo "End."

I get the following error in Jenkins log: cat: /path/myfile.txt: No such file or directory

I can run same command in terminal console successful. I think the command $(cat /path/myfile.txt) is executed before the connection to the remote server is up, because of https://stackoverflow.com/a/34074453/4565322. Also 'Start.' was printed after the error message although it should appear before the error message.

How Can I tell my script to wait with the execution of the cat command until the server connection is up?

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With single quotes the command works:

ssh yourserver 'echo "Start.";CYCLE=$(cat /your/file); echo $CYCLE; echo "End."'


ssh yourserver  <<'EOF'
echo "Start."
CYCLE="$(cat /your/file)"
echo $CYCLE
echo "End."
  • Thank you. It worked. I have chosen your 2nd approach.
    – skymedium
    Aug 27, 2019 at 8:42

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