I am new to the chef, I have installed 3 devices, In one server I have configured for "Chef-Server-Core", other for "Chef Workstation" for my admin workstation. I want to bootstrap other device which I have named as 'node1'.

from the workstation, I ran.

knife bootstrap node1 -U username -P passwd --sudo

then it shows in only this

Connecting to node1
WARN: [SSH] PTY requested: stderr will be merged into stdout
The authenticity of host 'node1 (' can't be established.
fingerprint is SHA256:8UkRfykhHiHYk4V4qED3ya7S9rBoRN/92QK5SsMQwPw.

Are you sure you want to continue connecting
? (Y/N) y
WARN: [SSH] PTY requested: stderr will be merged into stdout

And it did not show me any other details. ( I think ssh connection got stuck) I also ran knife user list commands like that they successfully gave me an output Can I look for logs for this or can anyone help with me this to figure out what happened here? please concern I have configured this infrastructure in GCP.

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