In zsh, the key combination Alt+. is bound to insert-last-word, and it will insert the last argument from previous command on the current command line.

I am looking for a keybinding / shortcut that will act similar to Alt+., except that it will paste all the arguments from previous command on the command line .

I know I can type !* and zsh will interpret it as "reuse all arguments from previous command". But this is not quite what I am looking for. Also, it does not actually paste the arguments so that I can see them, zsh only interprets !* as such. I could hit Tab to have it expanded, but that is yet another command necessary.

I would prefer to have this as a key combination such as Alt+something, instead of having to type '!*' and hitting tab

How can I do this ?

  • Note that !* expands to all but the first token from the previous history entry, not all arguments from previous command. If the previous entry was (echo foo; echo bar), !* expands to echo foo; echo bar) not bar. Is that what you want? – Stéphane Chazelas Aug 26 at 15:08

To insert all but the first word of the previous history entry, you could define a custom widget like:

insert-last-words() {
  emulate -L zsh
  set -o extendedglob

  if [[ $WIDGET = $LASTWIDGET ]]; then
    # subsequent invocations go further back in history like
    # insert-last-word

    zle undo # previous invocation
    ((INSERT_LAST_WORDS_INDEX += ${1--1}))

  local lastwords
  local cmd=${history:$INSERT_LAST_WORDS_INDEX:1}
  (($#lastwords > 1)) || return


zle -N insert-last-words
bindkey '\e,' insert-last-words

(here bound to Alt+,).

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