I'm using opensuse MATE v1.22.1 and I am having issues right clicking. When I right click on the desktop or a folder inside of the file explorer, caja (which I believe is the MATE equivalent of Nautilus), the context menu appears and then immediately disappears. If I hold right click, the menu stays open as long as I hold right click. If I hold right click and then move my mouse over an option and let go, that option is selected. I want to disable this hold. Like on gnome or windows, I can right click without a hold, and the context menu stays open and I can move my mouse over an option and select it with a left click.

I've tried switching themes and when I pick certain themes, the right click without a hold selects the top option and then disappears. This creates many new folders on my desktop.

I believe I read that this right click hold is by design? If that's true, is it possible to disable? Im not fond of this bug/feature and would like to disable it if possible.

When I right click in Firefox or terminal or even on the bottom or top MATE menu bars, right click works just fine and the context menu stays open.

This is happening with multiple mice, every user of the machine.

Any advice or links to potential solutions is appreciated. Let me know if I can provide more info. Thanks.

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