Is it possible to get syntax highlighting for LaTeX code blocks in ikiwiki (just something like it is automatically done in tex.sx)?

To avoid misunderstandings: I don't mean math output produced for example by mathjax. I want to document latex-tricks in my wiki, so I have to put some snippets of latex source code in it to show how something is done in latex. For example:

"Here is an example how to use tikz:



   \draw (0,0) --node[sloped,above]{$x$} (1,1);


Here the code block above just appears with a grey background but without syntax highlighting of the source code. If I would put the same snipped on tex.sx there would be a syntax highlighting of the code.


For syntaxhighlighting in Ikiwiki there is a plugin called highlight. You can use it like

[[!format tex """

This will give you nice syntax highlighting. It uses Perl bindings. The library itself has a longer documentation.

  • Thanks, that's what I want. However I don't see, how to install and enable it. Can you include the relevant steps into your answer? I just did sudo aptitude install libhighlight-perl to get the libraries. According to your link then I have to get and install a plugin called format, but I don't know where and how... – student Nov 3 '12 at 20:11

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