I have a project requirement, Where I have to check the integrity of each PHP files before executing it using md5 or some method. The hash value is stored safely within the server.

What I have done: I have used the auto_prepend_file feature and I am able to check the hash value of each file executed, But auto-prepend-file works only for the very first file executed, not the files executed using include_once or using function call.

What is the way to check all the files before executing. I am using lighthhtpd on linux OS.

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    if you're worried about attackers overwriting your PHP scripts via the httpd, then change the ownership and perms so that the httpd can read & execute but NOT write the .php files. upload them via scp or something as the owning uid. web scripts should never be writable by the uid running the httpd. – cas Aug 21 '19 at 11:05

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