I find it rather hard to believe, but since I installed kernel:


several days ago, my sound on Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon stopped working, and no matter what I tried like:

sudo apt reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio
sudo alsa force-reload

nothing brought me sound back, so I just installed an older kernel, namely the littlest bit older one:


now everything works like a charm.

How can I debug this and figure out if the problem is a bug in the kernel itself or in some other audio-related package? I don't know what exact information you could require for this, so please ask in the comment section, I will answer eventually.

I have just reproduced the problem by upgrading back to 4.15.0-58 from 4.15.0-55. Sound not working again. Plus, by switching to an older kernel proves sound is functional.


laptop Dell with service tag ==REMOVED==

Bug report

submitted, thank you Stephen for the link, where I have put all the info

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Since downgrading your kernel restored your audio, this appears to be a regression in the kernel. Since you’re using an Ubuntu kernel, the best place to report the issue is there, but if you’re feeling brave, you could look at all the changes listed in the changelog to try to determine what could be causing the problem.

If you do report it, you should mention the fact that downgrading from -58 to -55 fixes the problem for you; you should also include the contents of /proc/asound/cards in your working setup, and the module you’re using (lspci -v will tell you). Ideally, you could also try the packages released between -55 and -58; I suspect that the regression is in -56 since that includes a lot of changes.


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