I've been working on updating Clearlooks for the more recent releases of GTK3 using the old Clearlooks-Phenix project as a base. It's been a steady few weeks and I've had a good experience reporting problems as I encounter them to the GNOME project via gitlabs, with general questions through their discourse platform; and Fedora through bugzilla, with general questions through their discourse platform.

The problem I'm having is trying to find a place for general questions for MATE. Bug reports seem to be done through issues on their github. But were do I go for general questions?

According to the community page on their website:

You’ll find lots of useful material on our wiki, but we also encourage you to help improve it.


But the link is dead and links to a bad Cloudflare gateway.

There are social media links for Google+ (no longer available) and Twitter (not a platform for questions).

There is a link to #mate @ irc.freenode.net but I've sat in there for days with no response and seen almost no activity beyond a few other questions which were never answered.

Blog posts are aggregated on something called "Planet MATE" but this is, again, not a platform or questions.

For forums there is a subreddit but this also seems to be a platform for announcing releases, similar to an RSS feed. There are a few questions posted on it but there is no community there to answer them.

There is also a list of distro-specific forums: Arch Linux Forum Debian User Forums Fedora Forum Gentoo Discussion Forums Linux Mint Forums Ubuntu MATE Forums

But this is completely fragmented. My question is specific to MATE and not any specific platform.

My actual question for MATE is:

There used to be a feature of GNOME Panel from GTK2 called "User Switcher" which added the name of the logged in user as a clickable button:

enter image description here

Clicking on this button on the panel would provide a context menu of various options:

enter image description here

I liked this feature and wanted to know if there were any options for getting it back. Maybe it's an optional package, etc.

This is a very MATE-specific question and not platform related. It is not a bug or feature request but more of a "where is it, was it removed, etc."

Where am I supposed to ask these kind of general questions about the MATE platform? Are they expecting distributions to handle these kind of general questions?

  • It is a feature request IMO: If this was removed, please add it back. If it wasn't removed, please document how to enable it. – muru Aug 19 '19 at 5:50

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