I recently updated from Debian Stretch to Buster. I first got aware I cannot open links from inside Rambox. I addressed an issue on GitHub but now I found out I cannot open links from inside PHPStorm and any other application either.

I always get the following error message in a dialog box

-------------------- Error --------------------

 (-) /home/johndoe/https:/example.com/path/to/
     resource.php: No such file or directory

                                        [ Ok ]

As one can see there's always the path to my home directory placed in front of the link.

I won't reinstall my system as a whole.

Edit (2019-08-18):

While it's an issue of the Desktop Environment I forgot to mention I'm using LXDE.

Edit (2019-08-19):

I found xdg-open which leads to the same error.

xdg-open https://example.com

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Finally it's sure that xdg-open is broken. This has been addressed at


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