We use OpenLDAP and Samba v3. Recently some Samba-defined users (no accounts on the shared linux server) started being listed in logwatch as having their passwords come up to "will expire"...I changed the names.

   password for user unicorn will expire in 7 days: 1 Time(s)
   password for user xMacAlphbet will expire in 7 days: 1 Time(s)
   password for user klbomb will expire in 4 days: 1 Time(s)

None of thee users have a linux user account. How can I fix these?

  • are you using pwdPolicy schema in LDAP? – Rahul Patil Dec 10 '13 at 10:20

First look for

pdbedit -u $username -v

This should display every property about this particular user.

pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C -1

This then should disable the max password age for all accounts.

Taken from: http://linuxcommand.org/man_pages/pdbedit8.html


I think you can use also pdbedit -u $username -c "[X]" which will add "Password does not expire" flag to specified user (and will set Password must change attribute to some point in distant future).

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