How can we identify the sound card to which the internal microphone belongs if a pc has more than one sound card and the output from:

~ $ cat /proc/asound/cards is:

0 [HDMI           ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel HDMI
                      HDA Intel HDMI at 0xb5610000 irq 47
1 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH
                      HDA Intel PCH at 0xb5614000 irq 46
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    It doesn't belong to anything with "HDMI" in the name for sure because that's output only. – GabrielaGarcia Aug 16 at 18:01
  • Either use trial and error (and e.g. arecord), or have a look at cat /proc/asound/card*/codec\#* and identify the internal mic by the values on the Pin Complex (read up on it if you're not familiar with the Codec structure). Carefully, sometimes the BIOS lies and those values are not initialized correctly, so you are back to trial and error. – dirkt Aug 17 at 15:51

for list of ALSA audio capture devices

arecord -l

for Pulseaudio capture source

pactl list sources

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