If I already have all the files how do I package them up into an .apk file that I can later installed?

Sort of an equivalent of fakeroot dpkg-deb -b package-dir package.deb, or something to achieve similar functionality, without having to go through the mess of a fake repository or some such.


Given that you already have alpine with alpine-sdk or build-base and abuild installed, you need to know that APK signs digitally the APK. So first you need to create the keys with:

$ abuild-keygen -a

Then, if you have the APKBUILD file in /tmp:

$ cd /tmp && abuild -r

You'll find the built apk according to what is written in /etc/abuild/abuild.conf, that by default is set to:


In order to install the APK (since as I said is digitally signed), you should copy the public key produced by abuild-keygen in /etc/apk/keys or alternatively add the argument --allow-untrusted to apk add $package.

.: Francesco

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