Upgrading from a OpenSUSE 12.1 installation with a working FreeNX server, I hit an issue with the FreeNX server on OpenSUSE 12.2, running Gnome 3.

Whenever I connect, I pass the dreaded connection phase (where I've hit most of my issues with FreeNX), and see the client prepare the display, and even see a bit of the display load. But, immediately after this, the NX client will close and show me the error:

The connection with the remote server was shut down. Please check the state of your network connection.

Now, I know my connection, to the network, at least, doesn't have any problems. It seems like the initialization of the X session in the FreeNX connection crashes the display.

The question: How do I successfully connect with an NX client to my FreeNX server?

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From the OpenSUSE forums, I found that the new openSUSE 12.2 Gnome 3 GUI uses fancier features, which cause the GUI to crash over the network.

To fix this, I have to insert an option into the AGENT_EXTRA_OPTIONS_X option in my /etc/nxserver/node.conf file. My original node.conf file actually had nothing in it (no un-commented lines), but I found a commented line for AGENT_EXTRA_OPTIONS_X on line 548. I changed it to:


And this now enables me to see a GUI successfully when I connect with my NX client to my FreeNX server.

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