I work as a secondary teacher. My students requested I put some kind of countdown clock on the screen, so they can better manage their time. I additionally need to display messages, at specific times of the day, so they know when it is time to clean up their work, etc. I'm using Xfce4.

I think this can be done using a bash script that consists of a while loop that constantly checks the time, and sends the messages and countdown status to a heads-up like transparent text appearing about all windows.

Is there any software, similar to GTKDialog, but rather than displaying pop-ups, instead shows a transparent heads-up display, above all open windows, and can receive updates from a bash script?

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    A conky widget with always-on-top might do the trick – muru Aug 15 at 2:31
  • All X11 programs can be started, and controlled from bash. And don't use a while loop to do busy waiting, you can use sleep. – ctrl-alt-delor Aug 15 at 6:56

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