Given a bash variable with the value 2019-08-15, is there some utility that can convert that date to the format August 15, 2019?


On Linux, or any system that uses GNU date:

$ thedate=2019-08-15
$ date -d "$thedate" +'%B %e, %Y'
August 15, 2019

On macOS, OpenBSD and FreeBSD, where GNU date is not available by default:

$ thedate=2019-08-15
$ date -j -f '%Y-%m-%d' "$thedate" +'%B %e, %Y'
August 15, 2019

The -j option disables setting the system clock, and the format string used with -f describes the input date format (should be a strptime(3) format string describing the format used by your variable's value). Then follows the value of your variable and the format that you want your output to be in (should be a strftime(3) format string).

NetBSD users may use something similar to the above but without the -f input_fmt option, as their date implementation uses parsedate(3). Note also the -d option to specify the input date string:

$ thedate=2019-08-15
$ date -j -d "$thedate" +'%B %e, %Y'
August 15, 2019

See also the manual for date on your system.


Assuming that you have access to GNU date, something along

$ date --date="2019-08-15" "+%B %d, %Y"
August 15, 2019

Check the manpage of date (man date).

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