I do a lot of development in "desktop" linux (x86) where I need to make a filesystem distribution for an embedded linux filesystem.

Normally you would just do:

   mkdir /tmp/embeddedFileSystemRoot
   cp <files I want> /tmp/embeddedFileSystemRoot
   cd /tmp; tar zcvf embeddedFileSystemRoot.tgz embeddedFileSystemRoot
   ... copy to embedded filesystem ...

Here's my issue: I want to be able to specify users for the embedded File system programs for security purposes. However, if I try to chown/chgrp a file in /tmp/embeddedFileSystemRoot it will fail as I would be using the desktop's users and not the embedded system's users.

I could use sudo but that seems risky plus I might set a file into a state such that the non-root user couldn't read it.

Is there a better way to make my own 'virtual directory' or other file system in user space so that I can set uid/gids for my target system and have them propogate in the tar file? I.E.

    mkfilesystem /tmp/mySpecialFileSystem
    cp file1 file2 file3 /tmp/mySpecialFileSystem
    cd /tmp/mySpecialFileSystem
    chown 0:0 file1
    chown 1:1 file2 
    chown 1001:1001 file3 
    chmod 600 * 
    cd /tmp
    tar zcvf myEmbeddedFileSystem.tgz mySpecialFileSystem  

(letting me read everything and preserving the uids/gids)

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