My browser stopped responding. I closed firefox, and tried opening it again. Firefox did not run, so I typed ps -A:

7122 ? 01:07:56 firefox-esr

I'm not killing this process, and type:

ps -A | firefox:

I get these 2 strings:

alloc factor 0.900000 0.900000

alloc factor 0.900000 0.900000

enter image description here

After ps -A | firefox command I get this:

enter image description here

What is that output, and why did I get it?

  • Why are you piping the output of ps into Firefox? What did you expect to achieve? – Toby Speight Aug 27 at 16:29

Your screenshot shows a mistaken command:

ps -A | firefox

when you meant to type:

ps -A | grep firefox

To stop any existing firefox process, try: pkill firefox-esr or pkill -9 firefox-esr

  • I right understand: if Firefox is not responding, and I type ps -A | firefox , I get alloc factor, right? – 0-Level UNIX Monk Aug 14 at 19:55
  • 'Cos if Firefox works correct, and I type ps -A | firefox, this command open another firefox – 0-Level UNIX Monk Aug 14 at 19:57

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