I was working on Ubuntu 16.04.2 version where I had used "sudo apt install git"

The error I am getting is the following:

/root/Downloads/Screenshot from 2019-08-14 12-16-43(1).png error

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The first three apt errors all happened with IP address, port 80.

The facts that this address was used both when connecting to in.archive.ubuntu.com and also security.ubuntu.com and that the DNS reverse lookup for that IP claims it to be anycast.estointernet.in rather than anything *.ubuntu.com suggest this may be a Content Delivery Network or some arrangement of your Internet Service Provider.

$ dig +short -x

The fourth error referred to IP address for security.ubuntu.com.

$ dig +short -x

$ dig +short security.ubuntu.com    <-- note: here it is!

Looks like Canonical (the company that builds Ubuntu) has multiple servers on security.ubuntu.com... as expected, since the amount of traffic to it is probably huge. Each of those servers has a "proper name" in addition to the "umbrella" security.ubuntu.com, and your connection just happened to end up to server named economy.canonical.com. But it looks like that connection failed for some reason.

I don't very much like the idea that estointernet.in (your ISP, I assume) seems to be adding an another layer of reverse-proxy/cache/CDN technology in front of security.ubuntu.com: if that does not work perfectly, it may delay the availability of important security patches. But perhaps that's the only way they can deal with the amount of traffic to security.ubuntu.com they get.

To summarize: it looks like estointernet.in applies some sort of cache/proxy/CDN technology to connections going to Ubuntu's repository servers, and at the time of your connection, it looks like that technology did not work too well, and a fall-back to direct connection also failed, perhaps because of a crowded network somewhere between you and security.ubuntu.com

Your options are probably limited to reporting the problem to your internet connection provider and/or waiting until they fix it, or else trying a different network connection provider.

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