So, I've recently deployed my first Flask app with gunicorn. During deployment, I encountered the most peculiar issue. I had created a systemd unit file (the following is the working, functional example):

Description=Gunicorn instance for newscrape

ExecStart=/var/www/newscrape/newscrapeenv/bin/gunicorn --bind run:app


Now, this works fine, but it is not what I originally wanted. My ExecStart line originally read: ExecStart=/var/www/newscrape/newscrapeenv/bin/gunicorn --workers 4 --bind run:app

When I tried enabling and starting the unit file, I began to experience a crash loop for both my created service and the MySQL service. An endless waltz of both services horrendously going down in flames ensued.

Running the command: ss -tln showed neither service listening or one of two running at any given time.

My question is this: Why does gunicorn with workers crash the MySQL server but gunicorn without workers does not?


If the documentation is correct on http://docs.gunicorn.org/en/stable/run.html, it seems as if only the equal signs are missing, for example --workers=4

  • Behavior is the same, with or without the equals sign. – m-flak Aug 14 at 19:59

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