I am looking for a CLI tool that will give me an output of the frequency range of an MP3 file, like Spek does, but without the image file. I need to this to analyse a large library of MP3 files to determine which files are not "true" 320Kbps.

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    Could you clarify why you want to analyse the frequency range to eliminate files which don’t have a certain bitrate? The two aren’t directly related AFAIK. – Stephen Kitt Aug 12 at 15:38

Probably ffprobe is what you need. It comes with the package ffmpeg (in debian and derivative), also you can download and compile with extra features from here.

Just pass the file as an argument like

ffprobe miFile.mp3

and you will get the information of the file.

For more information you can check the man page of ffprobe and if your are interested, the man of the ffmpeg too. Both are very powerfull progrmas and can do a lot

Check this link for examples of ffprobe

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