I'm on an ubuntu server and want to check a summary of disk usage of directories inside /var/lib/docker I'm confused why I'm not able to check the disk usage of all the directories inside /var/lib/docker using a glob *.

The directory /var/lib/docker clearly exists and has directories inside it:

$ sudo du -s /var/lib/* | grep docker
865644  /var/lib/docker
8   /var/lib/docker-engine
$ sudo du -s /var/lib/docker/*
du: cannot access '/var/lib/docker/*': No such file or directory
$ sudo file /var/lib/docker
/var/lib/docker: directory
$ sudo ls /var/lib/docker | head -n 1
$ sudo du -s /var/lib/docker/builder
20  /var/lib/docker/builder

Why am I getting an error from du?

du: cannot access '/var/lib/docker/*': No such file or directory

My error seems related to being a non-root user because if I switch to the root user then I'm able to issue the du command:

# du -s /var/lib/docker/* | sort -n
4   /var/lib/docker/runtimes
4   /var/lib/docker/swarm
4   /var/lib/docker/tmp
4   /var/lib/docker/trust
20  /var/lib/docker/builder
20  /var/lib/docker/plugins
36  /var/lib/docker/volumes
60  /var/lib/docker/network
72  /var/lib/docker/buildkit
208 /var/lib/docker/containers
1880    /var/lib/docker/image
863328  /var/lib/docker/overlay2
  • You don't need a glob at all. du /var/lib/docker does the same. – OrangeDog Aug 9 at 20:52

You get the error because your (non-root) shell tried to expand the glob /var/lib/docker/* and was unable (because /var/lib/docker isn't readable by your user). Your shell then left the glob intact, leaving a literal asterisk for sudo, which is what du is complaining about:

du: cannot access '/var/lib/docker/*': No such file or directory

... because there is no file or directory named * under /var/lib/docker/.

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