In terminal if I run:

shellcheck -x my_script

I get no error, but if I run it without -x:

shellcheck my_script

I get this notification:

. ./functions/my_function

  ^-- SC1091: Not following: ... was not specified as input (see shellcheck -x).

SC1091 on GitHub link

ShellCheck location:

I'm working with self-compiled ShellCheck located in:



I'm working with VS Code editor. Is there a way to force the -x switch in there somewhere?


Inside VS Code, the ShellCheck extension can be configured with optional arguments; from the settings:

ShellCheck Custom Args setting

open settings.json, and add something like

"shellcheck.customArgs": ["-x"],

(Thanks to muru for the hint.)

There are a couple of ways to use -x regardless of the tool invoking shellcheck:

  • you can set default options in SHELLCHECK_OPTS:

    export SHELLCHECK_OPTS='-x'
  • you could replace your binary:

    mv ~/.cabal/bin/shellcheck{,-real}
    printf '#!/bin/sh\nshellcheck-real -x "$@"\n' > ~/.cabal/bin/shellcheck
    chmod 755 ~/.cabal/bin/shellcheck

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