I'm trying to send logs to my email. I'm doing this via SSH. I edited the file:


and edited these lines:

Output = mail
Format = html
Encode = none

MailTo = foo@bar.com

I have tried:

sudo logwatch

But the command just hangs there but is still responsive. E.g. I can still press enter to go to the next line.

I've tried doing it manually with:

sudo logwatch --detail Low --mailto email@address --service all --range yesterday

Same problem.

After a few minutes it stops and I can enter another command. I check my email but theres nothing from logwatch. Even in my spam/junk folder.

Any idea what's happening?

EDIT: I have iptables, fail2ban and ufw installed. If that makes any difference.

I have also tried:

echo "This is a test" | mail -s Testing foobar@gmail.com

I recieved the email in my spam folder. I feel like the problem is Logwatch.


Please have a look at your MTA's log files, e.g. /var/log/exim4/mainlog and watch out for SMTP errors.

I suggest this as I had a very similar situation, in which my e-mail provider's SMTP-server classified the e-mails produced by logwatch as spam, refusing to forward them. Other e-mails, as demonstrated by you, passed.


In my case it helped to save logwatch's output into a file and attaching it to an e-mail:

/usr/sbin/logwatch > $tmpfile
echo "attached." | mail -s "logwatch output" -A "$tmpfile" email@provider

On debian, logwatch comes with a script scheduled by cron (located in /etc/cron.daily). You can use this snippet to modify it.

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