Background is that currently i have a basic AWS server cluster that consists of 1 RDB , two EC2 instances , 1 Load Balancer with SSL installed and this server cluster is sitting within an OPENVPN. Codedeploy is also configured so whenever an git push happens from the code repository the two EC2 instances will be destroyed and replaced with two new fresh instances,

So the problem now is we need to consume the API of an external organisation for data exchange and one of the prerequisite of using their API is to use a CSR generator developed by them and to generate a CSR and install it on our server. In addition upload the generated CSR to their portal and the resultant files would be a couple of .pem , .p12, .jks files. I am kind of lost right now on where should i install this CSR , i was thinking the load balancer but it already has an CSR since it has SSL installed.

P.S Taken over this task from an colleague since he was unable to solve it, have no prior training in server tech so pardon me if i didn't explain this well enough.

  • @RuiFRibeiro the one that setup the server cluster was an external server vendor , but they also have no experience with this issue. – user3364008 Aug 8 '19 at 13:21

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