I have used sshfs to locally mount a SFTP server's filesystem. I am trying to copy .gz files from the sshfs mount (/mnt/mysftp/) to /tmp and noticed when the file is large (~10MB+), it will copy over fine (no errors) but I cannot gunzip it without producing errors. What am I missing to use cp or tar to get these files? I have only successfully retrieved and gunzip'd the files via sftp get


cp /mnt/mysft/log1.log.gz /tmp/
gunzip /tmp/log1.log.gz
gzip: /tmp/log1.log.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated

Then I tried to tar it instead of cp

tar cvf - log1.log.gz | tar xvf - -C /tmp/log1/log.gz
tar: log1.log.gz: File shrank by 13274842 bytes; padding with zeros

gunzip /tmp/log1.log.gz
gzip: /tmp/log1.log.gz: unexpected end of file

Only if I sftp and use 'get' then it works

sftp> get log1.log.gz
Fetching /files/log1.log.gz
sftp> exit
gunzip log1.log.gz

EDIT: I just noticed if I use cp it does not always copy the file in its entirety. Original file is 61MB and cp produces a variable file size each time I try (4MB, 61MB, 350K, etc). Now more confused...

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