I am certain that I've screwed up something while working on neatly installed Ubuntu 19.04.

It's a dual boot on ASUS and after installing 19.04, a restart usually lands in GRUB menu and issuing an exit will bring to login screen.

In an attempt to change jupyter ownership, by mistake, the ownership of files in root was also changed to <user> instead of root.

Now 'exit' from grub menu resulted in repeated restart.

After some googling I got to the below commands that seemed helpful

 - set prefix=(hd0,gpt9)/boot/grub 
 - set root=(hd0,gpt9) 
 - linux /vmlinuz root=UUID=3bec9977-5770-479c-8942-e19a0**
 - initrd (hd0,gpt9)/boot/initrd.img-5.0.0-23-generic 
 - boot

Now, all looks well and system appears to boot. Unfortunately this fails with two errors and it all ends in blank grey screen:

  1. Failed to load OpenAFS client
  2. Failed to load Samba Winbind Daemon
The above errors are preceded by **Starting GRUB failed root detection**

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you so much

You can boot the machine after targeting into emergency mode https://www.ostechnix.com/how-to-boot-into-rescue-mode-or-emergency-mode-in-ubuntu-18-04/ If there any wrong fstab entries you can correct after making system root into read write mode.

  • Tx for the response. Unable to get into GRUB menu (tried holding/pressing ESC key after BIOS logo disappeared while booting). Any other way of editing GRUB menu will be helpful. This being a dual boot system, SHIFT key probably is not the right choice. Thanks again. – emeralddove Aug 7 '19 at 10:08
  • You're welcome. It would be great if you post the situation via screenshot. – Heshan D Aug 8 '19 at 9:25

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