I'm having trouble resuming from both suspension and hibernation that the xfce power manager performs automatically. I mean, for instance, I set up my pc to hibernate when the battery reaches the critical level. But I'm unable to resume. The pc does not respond. I have to press the power button and it powers off. And then, start the system again.

Also, when the power manager powers off the screen due to idle time, exactly the same happens. I have to press the power button and start the system again.

I have tried this having in mind that the problem was about permissions when not logged in. But it didn't make any difference.

When I use the commands sudo pm-suspend or sudo hibernate everything works fine. But the command xset dpms force off triggers the same problem.

By the way, I'm using debian 10 on a lenovo ideapad 100 with Intel celeron. (I moved from xubuntu to Debian hoping that would solve the problem)

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