From the magic file format manual the format for the rule should be

offset type value message

For example:

0      string   MZ
>0x18  leshort  <0x40   MS-DOS executable
>0x18  leshort  >0x3f   extended PC executable (e.g., MS Windows)

Using this context, I am trying to understand magic file such as this one which has rules like

# DIY-Thermocam raw data
0   name    diy-thermocam-parser
>0  beshort x   scale %d-

What does the first rule mean? name is not a valid type from the man page at least. And there is no test component.


You're looking at a manpage that isn't for the version of software you're looking at

The manpage from the doc directory at that github site says:

          name        Define a ``named'' magic instance that can be called
                      from another use magic entry, like a subroutine
                      call.  Named instance direct magic offsets are rela-
                      tive to the offset of the previous matched entry,
                      but indirect offsets are relative to the beginning
                      of the file as usual.  Named magic entries always

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