I am new to working with linux specially when it comes to remastering. The company i am at has a need/requirement of developing and having the build of a java program in any linux. building the java program isn't a difficulty. But the OS is for me. I started in MX but its size is too big after snapshot. The company loads iso files through memdisk. i remastered a version of puppy linux but it does not load unless usb is attached. its looking for a file in usb while that is also in the iso. i cant even boot the original puppy linux that way. while both original and custom work when booted from usb.

The error message

loading the iso


Any suggestions on what i can do? can i somehow make puppy iso work with memdisk or should i quit at it and find something else. It can be as simple as updating the grub but i dont know what or how to do it.

What i mainly need is a light OS below 1GB packed a java program in an iso, so computers can be booted on it through lan along with other iso as per need.

Any help or criticization is appreciated as i am stuck .

EDIT:- image is booted through pxelinux. i did try to follow guide: http://sirlagz.net/2011/06/13/how-to-boot-puppy-5-2-5-over-pxe/

but still doesnt boot

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