We are trying to copy files from linux system to windows and vice versa using smbclient. The files are successfully copied using mget from Windows to Linux, however, we are getting below error while moving files from Linux to Windows.The files are created at the destination with 0 Kb i.e. no data. Can somebody please help?


putting file as (25960.3 kb/s) (average 25960.9 kb/s)

  • Sometimes this is caused by a SMB protocol mismatch. Could you add -m SMB3 to the smbclient command line and retry? – Edward Aug 2 at 6:46
  • Yes, we tried with SMB2 and it worked. Apologies for late update. – Janki Vyas Aug 9 at 6:33
  • Ok, nice, I'll add this as an answer then so you may accept it. – Edward Aug 9 at 7:20

This may be caused by an SMB protocol mismatch. You can specify the SMB protocol version with the -m option to the smbclient command, e.g. -m SMB3.

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